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August 2008



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Aug. 29th, 2008

the riddler batman forever two face joyg


Artemis/Nanaki rp- UNFINISHED- 23 July '08

((Good evening, ladies and gentlemen. Allow me to introduce myself. I am G A Napier- BQ's resident crazy Australian. And I have taken this Role-playing community hostage. Yesindeedihave.
Let's see how Nanaki reacts to this. Ahahah. 
This is a bit o' drabble Naki and I composed a while back, just an introduction to my character. It was left with no real conclusion....we WILL eventually complete it, I've just cut it to a decent end for now.
Well, let's get this show on the road, then? Excellent.))

THE CHARACTERS: Artemis (ohtehmoonshoes ), Nanaki (nanakieverblaze ) With special guest appearance by FELLISEPSIS! (...shit, I hope I spelled that right....)
OH NYUS: Warning, this story contains language and copious amounts of GORE. AVERT YOUR EYES, CHILDRENS. IT BE AGE-INNAPROPRIATE.

(A): When Artemis woke up, she was alone.
She pulled herself out of the mud and looked around.
Her first thought was "I must be dead."
However, the searing pain in her face served as a grim reminder that the world, unfortunately, still existed.
"Shit." She said under her breath as she searched for her gun in the dim light. "If I'm dead, this must be hell."
She wasn't dead. Everything was the same- ruined buildings with grafiti covered walls, the sound of gunshot and wheels scraping against pavement in the distance.....damn.
Artemis hated this city. She hoped someday she could get out of it, or that it would burn down or something. It was full of violence and decay, and although Artemis was partially responsible for that, she hated it.
She raised a claw to her face and touched it gingerly.
Where her left eye had once been, now there was just a bloody eye socket.
She could sort of feel where the bullet had lodged in her skull, just behind the eye. She was amazed that she had survived. What were the odds?
"Don't celebrate yet, girl." She said to herself, shoving the gun into her pocket (she never bothered with one of those holder things) . "You won't be around much longer if you don't get that head fixed...."
No problem, she knew of a laboratory of some sort nearby- an unremarkable grey building with several floors and few windows. She had driven by it a few times. It looked like a hospital, but she was unsure what exactly the lab was for. If they couldn't fix her, she would probably bleed to death before she could reach a proper hospital by foot.
It was worth a shot.

(N): Stainless steel fur rippled over a dirt-clogged weathervane, a collection of sharpened fingers grasping the thin pipe and heaving a long, bony body onto the general vicinity of the roof. Sighing through a collection of teeth, the creature itself trotted across the vast expanse of the final floor, apparently unperturbed by the thick levels of smog.
Finally reaching the other end of the building, Felissepsis took a moment to glance over the side of the facility. As he did so, he suddenly felt the spines along the back of his head and neck shiver in apparent apprehension. Teeth still gritted in a bitter smile, he squinted harder, eyes like marbles focusing through the toxic mists layering the streets before zeroing in on their intended target; a humanoid of some sort crawling through the streets, a hand pressed over one side of their face and another helping in it's steady pace towards the building.
An agitated snort issued from his nostrils, and he flung himself over the edge of the building. His claws and tail catching him before he reached the pavement, he darted into an opened window, scaring the crap out of a group of Nanaki's assistants before trotting out the door, down two flights of stairs and into the foyer, where he decided to wait. 

No response. She ventured deeper into the bleak, sterile hallways of the facility, passing the occasional lift to the other levels.
"Hello?" A bit louder this time.
Artemis smirked- this was beginning to remind her of a bad slasher movie. Dark night in a crumbling city. Old abandoned hospital. Lone young woman venturing into dark building. All that was missing was a thunderstorm outside and a psycopathic killer. 
Artemis laughed to herself, temporarily ignoring the throbbing in her skull and the blood that continued to spew out of her eye socket and seep through her scaly fingers. The feeling was not pleasant.
She froze.
Something moved.
Artemis stood perfectly still. After a while, she became sure the sound was gone. She kept walking, only now her free hand was wrapped around the gun still in her pocket.
A flash of grey out of the corner of her good eye.
She froze again, slowly pulling the gun out.
She heard a low hiss behind her, and the sound of footsteps.
"Who's there?" She said, sounding much tougher than she felt.
She heard what sounded like someone whispering-faint and scratchy, not quite human, in a language she couldn't recognise, but still words.
She spun around and fired a shot into the dark. Nothing happened. She fired two more shots.
Instinct kicked in.
It was behind her.
There was no time to think, no time to turn around. In a split second, Artemis had been slammed face first onto the cold linoleum floor.
She heard bones cracking-her bones- felt a horrible pain in her arm, and then, there was nothing.

(N): Saltier, but with less iron than most, her blood oozed between his teeth as he proceeded to chew her already removed arm, long teeth burrowing into scaly flesh and munching delightedly on bone, cartilage, and rubbery sinew. Finally swallowing the last few fingers, he licked his lips and glanced back at his victim. Her eyes were closed, but whether or not this was due to the fact that she'd fainted, or was merely pretending to be dead, he didn't know.
What he did know, was that she wasn't dead yet.
However, he didn't continue his assault for two reasons, both of which were now standing at the end of the hall.
One, with a long, slender body, who was looking at him in utmost disgust, and another who merely looked amused yet disapproving, and both of them together were enough to stop his rampage.

(A): Artemis woke up in what seemed to be a hospital room. The soft beeping of an electrocardiogram resonated in the background, and she had what seemed to be a drip attatched to her arm.
Two near-deth experiences in one day. Congratulations, it's a record.
Artemis was still unsure exactly what had attacked her, but she was sure that something wasn't right.
She sat up and looked around- the blind spot was gone? She had two eyes again?
Artemis reached up with her hand to touch her face and screamed. 
Where flesh and bone once were there was now metal...gears and screws replacing joints, shiny steel plates replacing scales. A plexiglass cylinder housed clearly visible motors and turbines that pumped blood through the replacement arm, and a wire going into her spinal cord carried electical pulses from the brain. It wasn't right, she couldn't accept it. And her eye- now a sleek metal console housing lenses and chips and wires...it was impossible, unbeleivable. 
She became aware of someone in the room.
A tall humanoid figure, catlike, covered in red fur, leaned casually back in a chair in the corner of the room, her tail flicking around and creating a rythmic thumping on the lino. She was looking at Artemis with bright eyes and a wide, toothy grin, as if her panic was somehow cute and amusing.
"You're lucky, child." She said with a small laugh. "Next time he might take more than just an arm."

(N): Standing up, Nanaki brushes out her clean white coat, throwing a thick stream of red hair back over her shoulder as she reaches her full height of six foot seven. Her tail reaches out and curls around the wheeled legs of a bedside cart, pulling it towards her squeakily and grabbing a small bottle and a needle. Eyeing the apprehensive look that flashed across Artemis's face, her grin widened.
"Don't worry, Childling, this isn't for you."
Sure enough, she strode past her gurney and yanked open the curtains hiding another "patient". It was a young man, but from his shoulders and below he was severely burned, his skin charred and formed into massive blisters, one five inches in diameter. Grabbing his arm and curling her lips as his flesh peeled slightly under her fingers, Nanaki carefully found a vein and pressed the needle in, injecting the thick liquid deep into his system. The man jolted violently for a moment before shuddering and lying still, before she covered him with his sheet.
"There was nothing we could do," she said, catching sight of the look on Artemis's face again. "His lungs had already been burned away."

(A): "What...." Artemis stuttered, watching in horror as the man convulsed violently before laying still finally. "What.....what Is this place?"

(N):"It is heaven, and it is hell. But we call it the Facility," Nanaki responded, her grin remaining in spite of the hissing tone in her voice.

Jun. 22nd, 2008


Affero/Krimzon RP (June 22th, 2008)

Rating: NC-17/Mature.
Characters: Affero (Nanaki) and Krimzon (Jamie).
Warnings: Strong sexuality, language, and spoilers. (Mostly just sex, though.)
Summary: "In all actuality, it used to be an old airplane, but now it's purposes would suit them just fine on the ground. Affero struggles to sit up under an extremely dusty old blanket, before pulling herself out of her once "First Class" seat and throwing on her jacket."

Read more...Collapse )

Jun. 19th, 2008


Affero/Krimzon RP (June 18th, 2008)

Rating: NC-17/Mature/Whatever you want to call it.
Characters: Affero (Nanaki) and Krimzon (Jamie).
Warnings: Strong sexuality, language, and spoilers.
Summary: "'Can-ada,' she murmurs, feeling like there is something crucial she's forgetting, but is unable to connect it with the circuits and conduits in her brain. Sighing, she places the small coin on her dresser, wondering for a moment what 'Canada' ment."

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