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August 2008

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nanakieverblaze in brokenquantum

Affero/Krimzon RP (June 18th, 2008)

Rating: NC-17/Mature/Whatever you want to call it.
Characters: Affero (Nanaki) and Krimzon (Jamie).
Warnings: Strong sexuality, language, and spoilers.
Summary: "'Can-ada,' she murmurs, feeling like there is something crucial she's forgetting, but is unable to connect it with the circuits and conduits in her brain. Sighing, she places the small coin on her dresser, wondering for a moment what 'Canada' ment."

A: Affero sits in the farthest corner of her room, ears back and eyes closed. Slouching down farther, her tail twitching as she finally reached up to remove her new helm, the skull of her mother. Sighing, she slides her hands along the fissures on the naked cranium and wishes only to sleep.

K: Krimzon peers around the doorway, gazing unseen at her, ears twitching with interest. 'Oh, my,' he thinks. 'That skull suits her so well...'

A: Nails seeking the horns and gently stroked the little ridges before hoisting herself up and placing her new headgear over the bedpost to leave it hanging by the sharply incised jaw.
Sighing, she flops down and rolls over onto her stomach, hoping she won't have nightmares about that godawful fish.

K: He watches as she flops over, admiring the curve of her spine as it meets her buttocks, he sees the muscles, taunt, as if she is ready to spring and strike at a moments notice. He wonders if the large coin he found will make her happy... well... happy enough not to snap at him again...

A: Affero, meanwhile, runs a sharply clawed hand down her face, following the curve of her own small snout and pressing against her lips for a moment of contemplation
'Sleep in tomorrow? That'd be nice... Pfft, Narco wouldn't allow it...'

K: He watches her hand (well, paw, really) as it caresses her mothers skull. He is moving the coin around in his paw, still wondering if he should give it to her. He remembers the last time he tried to give her something. The phrase, "It didn't go well," was a massive understatement. As he watches her, he becomes aware that he is getting aroused. His spines are starting to retract, he shifts his weight slightly, and his leg brushes wall. A small sound really, but apparently, just loud enough.

A: Affero's head snaps up with enough force to give herself whiplash, but upon catching sight of a familiar muzzle she relaxes for a moment and rolls herself onto her side to survey him.
"Yes...?" she queries.
Admittedly, she only wants an answer to her albeit supremely vague question.
At least, until she sees his spines refracting and him fidgeting with a coin in one paw. Tail twitching at his still smirking (but now slightly sheepish) look, her ears twitch indecisively before she finally allows a small smile and reaches her hand out to accept his offering.

K: He is unsure what exactly her smile might mean, but nontheless, he slowly reaches his paw out, and ever so lightly places the coin he found in her hand. Startled, he yanks his paw back.
'She feels... so soft... but not,' he thinks to himself and he moves back slightly, waiting to see what she will do now.

A: She turns it over in her hand for a moment, ears twitching curiously. It was brightly polished, with the date 1991 stamped upon it flawlessly. On one side the head of a regal woman decked in pearls and a crown, and on the other side was the head of an elk, tines of it's horns encircling the 25 cent stamp on the other side, along with the word Canada...
"Can-ada," she murmurs, feeling like there is something crucial she's forgetting, but is unable to connect it with the circuits and conduits in her brain. Sighing, she places the small coin on her dresser, wondering for a moment what "Canada" ment.

K: Krimzon is confused; she seems to have accepted his gift, but at the same time seems to have lost interest in both it, and him. His arousal is so great however, that he overcomes his fear, and shuffles a few steps into the room.

A: Green eyes flashed in his direction, but Affero doesn't say anything; no irritation nor frusteration breathes past her lips. She just waits.
And while she waits, she contemplates the strange word and watches as his spines retract further.
Sighing, she removes her ashen coat, revealing her torso, clothed only in a fish-netted shirt and with only her nipples and a strange scar-mark to break up the otherwise featureless white of her fur.
"Do you know what this?" she asks, fingering the scar.

K: "No," he replies, "But I think it is... pretty." (He is hypnotized by her body, he can see her breasts and nipples straining against the shirt, oh good.)

A: "Neither do I," she replies, her ears back and avoiding his eyes. "If you look closely," --here she takes off the shirt completely-- "you'll notice it's actually a signature. But what it's for I have no idea."

K: He leans in closer, he can smell her, even stronger than she normally smells to him. (His calasiris can barely conceal his phallus now.) "May I touch it... please?" he asks; the plaintive sound of his asking is strange to him. He is not used to asking for anything.

A: Her ears twitch, indecisive, before she nods, and her black-turned-red-turned white digits fidget with the blanket for a moment.

K: He leans forward, getting even closer to her; her bare fur excites him in ways he can't explain. He reaches a paw out, and gently strokes the scar, trailing the tips of his finger-like appendages faintly across her chest.

A: She sits back, and her ears flicker again before settling in a relaxed position  as she stared at him questioningly, her tail rippling across the bedspread.
"Do you have any idea why someone would want to mark me?" she asks, more out of wanting to hear it from someone than her own mind.

K: He feels lost, angry, that she has pulled away. But he thinks for a moment before doing anything blunt. "I would suppose that it is because you are 'special'." he replies. "Though in what way, I'm not sure." A low growl follows these words. Can she not see his arousal? Does she not know what the gift of the coin is supposed to mean?

A: She sits up again, her tail twitching. "I didn't tell you to stop," she says suddenly, bluntly, and slightly petulantly. Realizing this, she sighs.
"Well?" she baits. "Why would someone mark me?"
Meant only for rhetoric, her words were a command.

K: "You are special," he says, with a little more edge to his words. "My father has told me stories of your mother; who she was, what she was, what she did. He says that we owe our existance to her," his tail twitches as he thinks about it more. "And I guess this means we owe ourselves to you as well." His paw hesitantly reaches for her again; his need will not permit him to stop, neither will her voice, though it is commanding.
"You are... quite... beautiful" he says, in a small voice, afraid to risk her wrath.

A: Affero smiles, and she lets her head fall back for a moment. "I know," she says, but something that would sound egotistical from another person's vocal chords was a mere permission from hers.
Sitting up suddenly, her muzzle was scarcely half an inch from his and the look in her eyes was a mixture of challenge and stubbornness.

K: There was no mistaking the look she gave him; desire and animal lust were things he can understand. His tongue snakes out, and quickly licks her short muzzle; his paw is joined by the other one, and in tandem they caress her torso. The feel of her sends a special thrill through him. 'Acceptance is sweeter than blood,' he thinks to himself almost deliriously, but he knows that it will not be that easy.

A: Her tongue flicks out after a moment through needle-point teeth, and seemed to delight itself in the muscled planes of his jaw, tasting faintly of dried blood from a recent hunt. Her tail wrapped itself around his flanks, and she heard a faint trembling between the region of her voice box and diaphram as she began to purr.

K: His passion grows, consuming him, his paws roughly scraping over her breasts, her nipples. They stray lower, between her strong legs, searching, seeking, finding. He can feel her purr throughout her body, can feel her tongue upon his snout, he can taste her desire, desire for him, her nipples straining to reach him

A: Affero glances down again before her hands shot down and grasp his. "Wait," she says, and before he can protest she shimmies back on the bed, reaching down and unclasping her belt buckle and pulling down her red cargos. Kicking them off, she slides her fingers along the hem of her panties and shoves them down, revealing small twists of black hair that fades into thick red.

K: Krimzon shuffles back; he did not expect her to be so aggressive, although, he should have known, if any of the stories about her mother were true. He shifts his gaze to between her legs, admiring the soft pelt that she has exposed...

A: She, meanwhile, moves herself so she was kneeling in front of him, reaching out a paw, and sliding her fingers under the calasiris. Her fingers wrap around something warm and firm, and apparently hairless. Curious, her ears flicker as she moves the calasiris aside and she stares for a moment at the unfamiliar appendage.
Tail twitching, she notices that some of his phallus was still hidden within his cavity, and she gave it a little tug. Her head jolts back in surprise as his testicles squeeze out, and her tail jolts in apparent uncertainty.

K: He shudders from the sensation of having her paw upon him. The feeling was almost unbearable. As his testicles pop out, he thrusts forward into her hand, making sure that she won't let go of him. He reaches down and begins fondling her breast, pinching the nipple between his claws, delighting in the small wince of pain that crossed her face. 'Ah,' he thinks, 'Pain is pleasure.'

A: She suddenly pulls back, and before he has time to argue, she turns her back to him, leans forward with her tail pulled off to the side. As if he needs any more urging, she reaches with two fingers and pries apart the lips of her labia, exposing herself demandingly.

K: Without restraint, Krimzon thrusts his whole body foward, straight at her, hard into her, with only a slight feeling of hesitation. He enters her fully, completely, and it's like nothing he had ever known. The pleasure is intense, mind altering even, and she is so wet, so ready, almost as if she had known this moment would come, as if she wanted it to come. (Which she had.)

A: Affero gives a little whimper in the back of her throat, her hands now clenching into the sheets as she was now pressed against the bed. Her ears flickering as she adjusted, waiting to see when he'll start to move. The pain has lessened a good deal already, and she allows her a few slow, sharp breaths before glancing over her shoulder.

K: Krimzon sees the feral look in her eyes; he pulls out of her, savoring the slickness of her sex. Then, with a savage howl, he thrusts deep into her, not feeling the resistance he felt before. He begins slamming his whole weight into her, not caring if her hurts her, although since she is Nanaki's daughter, and maybe he should be afraid that she will hurt him. But he does not care, his need, his lust, demands that he feast upon her body, devouring her like he would prey on the hunt.

A: Her tail wraps around his hips as she feels him wrench out and cram himself inside; it feels good, in an endorphin-like kind of way. His testicles hit her clitoris repetively, as well, and she begins to shift backwards onto him, letting out little breathy pants as she does so. Her head thrown forwards, burying her face in sheets, she decides (for the moment, anyway) to accept her purpose.

K: Krimzon feels her push back onto him, and knows that her need is as great as his. He notices she has taken his size rather easily, all things considered, and his respect for her grows. Her panting is curling into his head, and driving him to increase his pace, thrust harder into her, while low growls of pleasure sneak out from his throat.

A: She bucks back at this quick transition, and she raises herself onto her arms for leverage. Gritting her teeth to keep her from making a sound, she reaches another arm back to place against his ribs for support as her tail around his waist and the muscles inside begin to clench around him.

K: Feeling her inner muscles clench around him, he knows that soon she will explode with ecstasy. He doesn't know how he is aware of this, but he is. As he lunges into her, he feels a tightness in his groin, a sharply pleasant feeling, tingling slightly. If possible, his phallus seems to grow even larger and he is aware of a roaring in his ears.

A: Affero reaches her other hand back, until they were both resting on his hips, and she could feel something shift for a moment. Then, several moments after, she feels a sort of strange numbness spreading from her stomach outward, mixed with a of quivering apprehension, but that was soon forgotten. The muscles currently clenching around him suddenly seemed to remember what they were supposed to be doing, and everything suddenly felt almost unbearable, her body compensating for it's momentary loss of feeling as it filled her with bright, glittering splinters of pleasure.

K: Krimzon feels her release, almost as if it were a part of him, his thrusting increases, his breathing becomes ragged, her clenching muscles pulling at him. Suddenly, it seemed as if a bright light is blinding him; a burst of pure pleasure courses through him, as his seed erupts from him, spurting deep inside Affero. He can still feel her spasms, and it is like they have become one entity.

A: The feeling of him coursing inside her was strange, but a little familiar. Still shaking and not quite sure what to make of the experiance, she felt herself slowly start to relax, and she moved away from him, wincing a little as he pulled out.

K: Krimzon is stunned, yes, stunned. He is feeling something alien, unfamiliar. 'What did the humans call it,' he wonders. 'Love,' a voice inside him says, 'What you feel is love.' Krimzon slides forward, encompassing her body with his, wrapping his long arms around her, to hold her. He sniffs at her face, her hair, her neck, and then tenderly, reaches out with his tongue, and licks her ear.

A: She blinks for a moment, aware that he's staring at her now, but not exactly caring for once. Sleep became more and more needy, and she rolled over, curling herself into his red fur (again, familiar for no reason) before closing her eyes.
Whatever can wait til later.