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August 2008

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Affero/Krimzon RP (June 22th, 2008)

Rating: NC-17/Mature.
Characters: Affero (Nanaki) and Krimzon (Jamie).
Warnings: Strong sexuality, language, and spoilers. (Mostly just sex, though.)
Summary: "In all actuality, it used to be an old airplane, but now it's purposes would suit them just fine on the ground. Affero struggles to sit up under an extremely dusty old blanket, before pulling herself out of her once "First Class" seat and throwing on her jacket."

K: Krimzon moves around the outside of their shelter, scanning the darkening sky for anything that could be hostile. Affero is the center of his world, and while he cares nothing for himself, her safety is his chief concern. His thoughts turn to a recent bout of savage lovemaking (if that was even the right word), and he finds himself becoming aroused; that's not unusual though, as it happens whenever he thinks of her nowadays.

A: Tail curled around her hips, she allows her eye to open a sliver to watch him through the window of their makeshift bunker. In all actuality, it used to be an old airplane, but now it's purposes would suit them just fine on the ground. Affero struggles to sit up under an extremely dusty old blanket, before pulling herself out of her once "First Class" seat and throwing on her jacket.

K: Krimzon watches as she moves around the old airplane and, seeing her put on her coat, he realises she must be cold. An idea comes to him, one that will both warm her up, and satisfy his growing lust. He moves over to the hole in the plane where she is, his tongue flickering nervously into the air.

A: Affero watches him approach her, and decides to stay where she is. Aside from the detritus of the plane and the few bits of stray rock from last night's explosion, the barren landscape is errily beautiful, with his blindingly gaudy self held in strong contrast.
Her eyes flicker to his pupils for a moment, and despite her own thoughts, she sees that he has an agenda of his own. Smirking slightly, she turns around and walks over to her seat, flopping down on it in an expression of teasing languidness.

K: Krimzon can see that she is feeling playful, which excites him even more. He crouches low to enter the plane, and shuffles over to where she is laying on the seat. He can smell her on the air, her arousal, and his own increases to the point where his phallus starts to extend out from his body, causing his spines to retract.

A: Her eyes clamp shut, and she tries to stop herself from giggling, but she can't help it.
The sheer of rediculousness of her situation is amazing.
Sighing, she opens her legs a little, before allowing her eye to steal open a crack.

K: Krimzon's mouth opens slightly, his tongue running over his teeth. With her legs opened slightly, her scent is even stronger to him, almost over-riding the other flavours in the air around them. The smell of her sex is the most intoxicating thing he has ever inhaled and the simple thought of it causes him to shiver slightly. Krimzon decides that since he is already crouched, he will try something new on her, something he hopes she will enjoy. He slides forward, closer to her, right up between her legs. All that is between him and his goal is her pants and panties. To make sure she knows what he wants to do, he snakes his tongue out, and quickly runs it up and down the crease between her legs. He raises his head to look at her, to gauge her reaction to what he has done.

A: Her hips jolt upwards, and her eyes snap open to stare at him with a mixture of confusion and interest.
Reaching down, she grasps her button and fly, fumbling with it for a moment before it pulls free, before thumbing down her panties and kicking both garments off. Then, carefully, she spreads her legs slightly, and her fingers open her labia.

K: Krimzon's phallus comes totally out from his body, it quivers with his arousal. He leans forward, between her legs, his tongue going straight for her. It is a long tongue, perfectly made for what he wants to do to her. He runs it up and down her labia, making her sex even wetter than it was. Each time it slides across her clitoris, Affero shivers. He is content to do just this for the moment, running his tongue over her, again and again, making her shake.

A: She closes her eyes for the moment, her toes curling, and licks her lips. His tongue is slick with saliva but still slightly rough, just enough to make her clitoris burn and her hips jolt. She lets out a little noise in the back of her throat, not a moan, more a frusterated pant, opening her legs wider, shuddering as his tongue almost pressed into her on one of it's down wards passes, before sliding back up.

K: Krimzon feels her shake, feels her move on his tongue. Then, as his tongue is sliding down her sex, he stops at her vagina, and then pushes his long tongue into her, swiftly, completely, moving it around inside her, touching her in places that not even his phallus could. She quivers on his face as his tongue fucks her, her wetness increasing, as is her breathing. It is becoming heavier, deeper, the more he strokes his tongue into her. Krimzon is shaking with anticipation, his phallus so aroused that it has come completely out of its sheath, pulling his testicles with it with an audible "pop". His penis has pushed aside his scanty calasiris, and is now grinding rubbing along her leg.

A: She licks her lips as she feels him start to feel around, his semi-prehensile tongue nudging against her insides, and she huffs in a mixture of pain and interest for a moment as he finds her cervix and presses against it frimly, trying to go deeper.

K: Krimzon has his snout pushed onto her now, as he drives his tongue deeper into her. It is coated with her juices, and they are starting to drip off onto the seat. Affero is moving hard on his tongue now, trying to match the rhythm of his movements, her breathing is ragged, and she has begun to purr in the back of her throat. He knows that she is close to release, so he slides his tongue out of her, up over her clitoris, and back down inside of her, rapidly, giving her no change to adjust. Her paws have crept forward; one is holding her breasts, rubbing them, pulling, pinching them. The other is clamped to his head, holding him in place, not letting him move.

A: Finally, she releases the back of his head and grabs her jacket, flinging it off, followed by her fishnet shirt, before grabbing his ears and pulling his head up to face hers. Enough is enough. "Get up," she said bluntly, her tail lashing, but not in anger. Standing up, she walked around him, then pushing on his lower back until he seemed to figure out what she wanted, and climbed into the chair rather clumsily.
Then, with two fingers she does a small churning motion, and he rolls over (albeit with difficulty) so he's lying with his upper half resting in the seat and his lower admitedly lying on the floor, to long to accommodate.

K: Krimzon is admitedly confused; this is not normal, not something that they have done, but he is too aroused to protest at this point.

A: Kneeling down, straddling his tail, she grasps his phallus in both hands, carefully to avoid scratching him, and ran her tongue along the slit of the tip.

K: Krimzon, meanwhile, is both shocked and pleasured by what Affero is doing. It is something she has never done before. The feeling of her tongue going across the tip of his phallus was both agony and ecstacy.

A: Opening her mouth as wide as possible, she takes him in carefully. Barely able to fit the entire head into her mouth, she starts a gentle suction, her tongue carefully stroking his slit as she did so.

K: This new thing that she is doing, whatever it's called, has Krimzon trying to thrust into her mouth. The combination of her mouth moving over the head of his phallus, and her tongue moving across it's tip, is causing him to grow harder, more needy, and he lets out a sound that is a cross between a moan and a growl.

A: Choking for a moment as he shoved himself forwards particularly deep, she can feel how close he's getting. Standing, she swallows the small amount of saliva and fluid that has collected in a small pool under her tongue, and straddled his hips, grabbing his phallus and and positioning it accordingly before sliding down him delightedly.

K: Krimzon growls with pleasure as Affero impales herself on him; he can feel himself slide deep into her, only stopping when he hits her cervix. As she rides up and down upon him, he feels the pleasure start to build. Wih his eyes half closed, he watches her breasts bounce every time she slides hard down on him. Little beads of sweat have started rolling down her face.

A: Her tail lashing along with the rest of her body in momentum, her hips grinding up against his, she rests her hands on his chest, her mouth open and wanting as her eyes close and she leans forwards, grasping his shoulders now. Low, quivering rhythms that she hadn't registered the first few times they'd done this (but now was as familiar as him) started to shudder low in her stomach.
A sudden, particularly deep pulse throbbed through her, followed by her familiar numbness, and she suddenly found herself bucking and shaking in pleasure, her breath held impulsively as she continued, slowing down for a minute before speeding up again and waiting for him.

K: Krimzon felt her vaginal muscles clench around him, pulling on him, her claws dug into his chest, drawing a small amount of blood, and that's all it took to send him over the edge. A cry erupted from his throat as he pulled her down hard on him, while thrusting up into her. Throwing his head back, he arched his spine, and came, filling her with his seed. He continued to buck into her as he emptied himself, causing little bursts of pleasure in her, as she rode out the storm of his passion. Finally, both spent, Affero fell forward onto his chest, nestling under his chin, and with a contented purr, went to sleep with him still inside her.


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