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Broken Quantum

"Welcome to the World."

The Official "Broken Quantum Project" RP
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A Roleplay Community Based on the "Broken Quantum" Chronicles
About the Project:
Mkay, well, Broken Quantum started out five (almost six) years ago in the back field of an Elementary School. It was simply referred to as "The Game" for about four years that followed, with multitudes of people joining and leaving, with the exception of Nanaki and Steph (Griffen).

As for what the Broken Quantum Project is, there's no definitive answer. It is a story of every fictional genre, with not just one main character. Some of us (like Nanaki herself) use this as a way to tell their own stories, but with a different outcome or reaction. The only sure thing is that it is a second chance, a way to say things that can't be said.

It is life, in all it's most damaging, healing, and growing forms.

This is the roleplay/artwork/writing/poetry/whatever the fuck you want relating to the Broken Quantum Project community. Nothing more, maybe less.